Don't you hate it when your desk looks the same everyday? Watching the same thing every day during a day at work? Don't we all want something new to our life? For some it might be vacations while for others could be something small, say a new planter to add some color to your life. This is exactly the reason we printed this!

We came across this incredibly cute planter and it was about time we add some nature to our headquarters. Below you can see the very cute but very sturdy octopus that we want to use for that exact reason. We added different sizes of holes at strategic places to improve the water flow.

Product & Print Information:

Material used: PLA
Material color: 3DJake Glitter Blue
Nozzle used (reflects on the quality): 0.4mm
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 125 mm (Length x width x height)
Total weight: 80g
Total time used: 12 hours 15 minutes