What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing has been around for a lot of years. Throughout these years, a lot of technologies were developed of which Space-3D uses Fused Deposition Modeling. Essentially we heat up the material to melting point and then arrange it in layers that will create the model we desire.


 I don't have time to read that huge picture!


In summary, when you want something printed ask yourself these 3 key questions:

  1. What do I need in my life?

    If you think it we can very possibly create it. Check out our What models can I print? page to get ideas and websites that can help you find models

  2. How detailed/quality do I want it to be?

    Detail and quality is hugely depended on what equipment we use. We have in stock equipment that can go as low as 0.2mm details. On a general rule the more detailed something it will be then the more time it will required to be created. If you want something to be extremely detailed and can wait some time then you might want to consider using the most detailed options we have.

  3. What color and material do I want the product to have?

    There is a huge plethora of colors and materials that we can use for your inquiries. Check out our Printing Options  page to see what we have in stock at the moment.

How is the product created? 

The customer will get in touch with us and when we have all the information required, our team will process them very carefully. Space-3D will then get in touch with the customer and let them know of what we can do for them, how fast and at what cost. To elaborate more on these points:

  • What we can do: We have a specialized team of engineers that can create anything a customer wants. They are very capable when it comes to designing models as well as making suggestions on what the customer might want to consider.
  • Speed: With the use of professional software we are able to identify a lot of information regarding a print. Most notably is how fast it can be finished, how much it will weight and how strong it will be.
  • Cost: Space-3D uses a complex formula to determine the cost of a product. This formula takes into consideration different factors some of which are, complexity, time used, total material used, specific requests from the customer and type of material used. The customer is let know an approximation of the price before printing starts so he can decide if he wants us to proceed with it.

What happens next?

Once a product is finished the customer is informed and the product will be on it's way to find him. We can ship globally and once everything is set the customer is notified with all the necessary information. We then wait for our beloved customers to get in touch for more inquiries.