This is what makes Space-3D so amazing. There are no boundaries when it comes to complexity and difficulty. Everything you can imagine we can create! 

  • Are you an architect that want to visualize you design with a fancy mock up of a structure? We can help you!
  • Are you an enthusiast that can't get enough of decorations for your desk? We can help you!
  • Are you looking for a very specific part and you can't find it anywhere? We can help you!
  • Are you looking to add unique details to your decoration? We can help you!
  • Are you trying to make something completely unique to you like a specific phone case or the real life model of one of your creations? We most certainly help you!

These are just some examples of what Space-3D can do for you and frankly is not the only things we can achieve with the kind of equipment we possess. There are countless creations made from people from all kind of backgrounds. But you don't have to believe me. Just have a look at the links provided below or even a simple google can show you of the capabilities. In addition feel free to have a look at our social media to see examples of our work.

Feel free to investigate further in some of the following 3D printing websites that showcase work done by people around the world. Simple open one of these links and search for whatever you think you need: